Curated Happy

Our job is to make sure your project gets the great artwork it deserves.

Since the beginning this has been a passion project for us. A hobby that has grown organically through word of mouth and quality of output.

We love what we do and that shines through every job, whatever the size.

Get in touch with us and lets see what we can achieve together!

Great Projects Deserve Great Art.

Featured Project: Cities of Hope

Cities of Hope was the both the largest and most hands on project we’ve been involved in to date (There’s already a bigger one underway at the moment that we can’t announce yet though!).

We were invovled in all aspects of it from initial concept development, Artist curation and liason all the way to project delivery.

Your project deserves great art.
We can make that happen.


We can offer a full consultancy service to help you develop and deliver your ideas. From concept to completion (or anything inbetween) we can work with you every step of the way.


Happy with your project and how you’re going to deliver it but just need help finding the right artist to comliment it? We’ll make sure you get the great art your project deserve.

You’d be in great company. Here’s some of our previous partners.