About me or about us?


Me is Ben Barsky.

Outside of Curated Happy I’m a Business Consulatant, Finance Director, Husband & Father.

I’ve always straddled the line between the creative and professional worlds and have grown up exposed to, and passionate about, art. Unfortunately for me the women in my family got all the artistic genes. My mum is a painter (Hi mum), her mum was a painter (and general creative), her sister is a painter, my sister is a professional retoucher, my cousin was an art director and is now a minituralist (it’s a real thing).

…..I’m an accountant.


Us is because it’s rarely just me.

I’ve got a wide network of contacts across the art world who help make these projects a reality and I’d be nothing without them. Between us we come up with some really great ideas for projects and make sure they’re deliverable and hit the mark for our clients.

Curated Happy

We’re perhaps most known for our Street Art projects and consultancy around Manchester thanks to our work on two iconic pojects: Guardian of Ancoats and Cities of Hope.

We’ve also worked with more traditional galleries and artforms and got involved with installations and prints for clothing.

Whatever you’re looking for, we can find the right artists for you.

Since the beginning this has been a passion project for us. A hobby that has grown organically through word of mouth and quality of output.

We love what we do and that shines through every job, whatever the size.

Get in touch with us and lets see what we can achieve together!

Great Projects Deserve Great Art.

Where it Started: Guardian of Ancoats

This is the project that started it all for Curated Happy with Street Art. After skirting around art projects for some time I got speaking to the Homes and Communities agency about their redevelopment plans for Ancoats.

Street Art was the obvious choice for what they wanted to achieve and Mateus Bailon was the perfect artist to bring a large vibrant work to the area.

The Guardian of Ancoats became a new landmark in the city and stood as a welcoming figure at one of the main entry routes in to Cutting Room Square.

It all starts with a conversation.
So give us a call.

Drop us an email or call us and lets talk through your project. It doesn’t matter to us how early or far along you are. We’re here to help. Even if it ends up as nothing more than a bit of friendly advice that doesn’t progress any further, there’s no downside to us talking today.